Saturday, July 2, 2016


Sorry for the delay... We've been dealing with this since last night.

Here is a streaming link for now. Let us know how it looks and sounds.

And if it goes off line...

Keep coming back to this page. We may have to update thru the day and or definitely tomorrow we will have a new link for the day

IT Guy has it set. Follow the FP6 links below

Look for the FREEDOMPALOOZA6 linky

And when Youtube kicks off the stream every 3-4 hours, all you will have to do is refresh your screen and you should be able to keep up with the live event.


You tube has been screwing with our two streaming accounts. Blocking ANYTHING coming out of this ROUTER location. Last year someone complained to You tube and took down our stream because we forgot during the breaks we were playing commercial music. Not this year. We are playing all local musicians, but they didnt even let us start up a stream. check back in the next hour we hopefully will have this resolved. Sorry. Its out of our control. But working on a work around.