Friday, June 1, 2018

Freedompalooza 8 on Hiatus until July 4th 2019

FreedomPalooza8 is on hiatus for this year 2018. We will return in 
2019 with a renewed vigor and focus on all things TRUTH. A main reason 
for this is that Poker Face, the event throwers are releasing their 
6th disc after 8 years, And their focus and energies will be in 
promoting and supporting this effort. Please let others know of this 
change in events. Sorry for any inconvenience. We are looking forward 
to seeing everyone again next year.
FP Staff

Friday, July 14, 2017


Popular rock band hosts seventh annual event in PA

By Pete Papaherakles

FreedomPalooza 7 took place over the July 4 weekend in Quakerstown, Pa. Held every year since 2011 by patriot rocker Paul Topete of Poker Face, the three-day festival has become somewhat of an institution within the patriot movement where friends and like-minded Americans gather from around the country to have fun and celebrate our nation’s Independence Day.

This year the festivities started at noon on Saturday, July 1, and went on into Monday night, July 3. Since 2011, the festival was held at Johnny Mack’s in Kintnersville, Pa. near Easton. Unfortunately, Mack recently passed away, and a new venue was found in nearby Quakerstown.

The late Jim Traficant was the prime speaker at FreedomPalooza every year from FreedomPalooza 1 until his death shortly after speaking at FreedomPalooza 4. With covered pavilions, picnic tables, concrete pavement, and more, the new venue at the Morwood Sportsmen’s Club is infinitely superior than was Johnny Mack’s. Even the bonfire was bigger and better.

Topete and his lovely wife, Tara, deserve much credit for pulling it off this year again and making it even better than before. Their efforts are paying off in having established a bona fide annual tradition that has stood the test of time. This year’s event was probably the best attended so far. The new space also put everyone in closer proximity where they interacted more.

Topete changed the format this year and had only music on the first day followed by speakers and some music over the next two days. The speakers were also exceptionally good this year. Fifteen in all, many have spoken at previous years. Jim Condit talked about the behind-the-scenes politics within the Trump campaign. Cindy Steele spoke about the tragic story of her late husband, Edgar, the free-speech “attorney for the damned.” Art Larson shared his encyclopedic knowledge of how organized crime runs everything.

A number of new speakers came to the event this year as well. Political activist Ken O’Keefe was clearly the most powerful speaker, with a fiery style not seen since Traficant. Rudy Dent, also an outstanding speaker, talked about his many experiences including losing 350 of his men as a fire chief with the New York Fire Department on 9/11. Mark Koernke, the head of the Michigan Militia, was also an outstanding speaker. He was full of energy and told many inside stories of militia standoffs with the feds including Waco, Ruby Ridge, and the Bundy ranch in Nevada as well as rancher Robert LaVoy Finicum’s murder in Oregon at the hands of state police.

Topete has really gotten a good formula going with FreedomPalooza. The music along with the speakers, the camping out along with the bonfire into the morning hours, the rural Pennsylvania setting, and the chemistry between the attendees all work to create the magic of the experience. Next year promises to be even better, and Topete surely has some surprise new speakers he is working on.

 For all those who have missed the previous FreedomPaloozas, why not plan to attend next year? It’s guaranteed to be a blast.

- Pete Papaherakles is a freelance writer and fine artist from Maryland.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Lehigh Valley Music Scene

Kicks off
Freedompalooza 7

Opening Day Schedule
 Saturday, July 1st.

12:00 Roman & The Heard
1:30 The Tank
2:45 Mike Stanley
4:00 Miners Keepers
5:15 Liquor Soaked Highway
6:30 Spider Pie
7:45 Poker Face
9:00 Junior's Grades

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Morwood Sportsmen Club
111 Wambold Rd,
Greene Lane
PA, 18054
Not far from the PA turnpikes, Quakertown exit

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

July 1,2 &3, 2017
Where patriots come to make friends for life
Join us in the beautiful farmlands of PA for our seventh annual, patriot, rock festival. Bring your camping gear because you won’t want leave this three-day event that showcases speakers, bands and evening bonfires. Feel free to show up a night early to set up camp.

This year’s music line-up is going to be a little different than our previous schedules. Saturday, July 1st will be a full line-up of bands. Then our usual band, speaker, band, speaker lineup will ensue from Sunday and into Monday. Come experience the Lehigh Valley Music scene.

Featured acts include:

The Tank
Doug Hawk
Trevor Labonte
Jason Hendrington
Jeremiah Nolet
Carl Hirsch
Mikhail Myers
Liquor Soaked Highway
Minors Keepers
Spider Pie
Rick Denzien
Dave Maneti
Greg Mcgill
Chad Harris Band

others to be announced...

Topics discussed by speakers vary and are not bound by political correctness. This is a free speech festival so leave snowflakes at home or their heads might burst with over-sensitivity outrage.

Featured guests include:

Ken O’Keefe
Palestinian Genocide

Lt. Colonel Greg Rinchik
Inter-dimensional beings versus ET’s

Jeanice Barcelo 
Sex and the Porn Industry

Sarah Devonshire
Satanic Ritual Abuse, Pizza-Gate

Peymon Mottahedeh
IRS Corruption. Freedom Law School

Rudy Dent
9/11 Fireman

Pete Papaherecles
Deaths of AFP Writers Michael Collins Piper, Victor Thorn, and Jim Trafficant
Race war ignited by the media and Marxist left

Mark and Nancy Koernke
Current state of Militia under President Trump

Jim Condit
Vote Fraud against Trump

Simon Roche
South African massacre of the Boers

Cyndi Steele
Life and legacy of her late husband, Edward Steele

Eli James
Early American History

Professor Truth
Discussion on Angelic DNA

and others to be announced…

There will be $5 meals available for breakfast and dinner on Sunday and Monday. Feel free to bring your own food or patron the restaurants offsite. 

Come as early as Friday 5pm to set up camp if you’d like. This is a new location so be sure to contact the hosts for the address or check on the website the week of the party. 

Volunteers are needed and appreciated for set up and breakdown. Contact the host at if you’re interested.

New location is in Quakertown, PA. The exact address will be released a week prior to the event. Sorry for the inconvenience. Contact the host for more information.