Tuesday, June 7, 2022

 Freedompalooza 2022

July 1-4     

4 days this year to celebrate our 10th anniversary of bringing real TRUTH to the People

Ever Since we posted our truthful video about crackhead Hunter Buyden 4 days before the 2020 election we have had all of our Poker Face accounts screwed with. It was difficult getting back into this freedompalooza page that i was about to create a new one and forward to it but today June 7th i finally got back into our page here to update it to say WE WILL BE PARTYING and it will be for four days. Bring food to cook. We will have grill(s) available. Since the Wuflu/COVID nonsense we have lost our cook at the club to the disease so as of now we have noone to cook for us so its DIY DO IT YOURSELF this year. Bring lots of fluids. WE will see you after 5PM on friday the 1st.

**Update we hear the club is trying to work something out where there will be at least dogs and burgers for our attendees**

It will be 80$ for the four days or 20$ a day. Trying to keep it reasonable with all the BuydInflation going on these days. We hope you make it. Great speakers and bands as always. We never post the names coming because we dont need the special agencies harassing them before they come. So bring the family down to a very family friendly oriented event.

Camping is first come first served. There is a limit to the amount of campers available to camp.

See you in July


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