Friday, June 15, 2012

Craig Denegas piece in the Philly Examiner about FREEDOMPALOOZA

We all are looking for 'answers' nowdays. There just aren't that many places where one can find them. If you're in the Southeast PA area, here's a place to start looking: THENSE 2.
“THE Next Such Event”: for 2012 is "Freedom Palooza". Going for it’s second year, held in a very pleasant setting in upper Bucks county, the weekend of the 30th.this Month. See the link above for up to the moment details, directions and descriptions, as well as the complete lineup of speakers and bands.
If last years Freedom Palooza is any indication as to what this year will be like: The weather will be great; the restaurant on the grounds will have delicious specials; the vendors will have all sorts of interesting stuff; the music ‘right on time’; the speakers inspirational; the occasional helicopter circling low overhead; and of course no event would be complete without the guys in the bushes across the way with their binoculars!For a first time effort it was on all counts, flawless. There was a stray shower, but it gave us a chance to get together under one roof and share.

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