Thursday, June 28, 2012

                                          SATURDAYs      LINEUP

                    SPEAKERS                                                                 BANDS

                 David Wallace                                 12pm                      Toots Sweet
                 Mike Salvi                                        1PM                       Tatiana Moroz
                 Danny Panzella                                 2pm                        Pay Day Monsanto
                 Dave Gahary                                    3pm                        Doug Hawk
                 Atty Phil Berg                                   4pm                        Poker Face
                 Larry Pratt                                        5pm                        Dave Goddess Band
                 Pete Papahercules                          6pm                      Dave Cahill & The Almighty Terribles
                 Traficant                                            7pm                        Traficant
                  Jim Condit                                        8pm                        Scrap Metal Bomb                                        Larry Sinclair                                   9pm                         Madison Rising
Full Poker Face Band interview with Brett, Dennis and Paul 
6-27-12 with our favorite DJ - FritzRocks
talking about freedompalooza and other interesting tidbits

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