Saturday, June 13, 2015

FREEDOMPALOOZA 2015 will be July 2nd thru the 5th

This Freedompalooza is being dedicated to the Giants of our Truth movement that have died/murdered since last year starting with Brother Jim Traficant, Edgar Steele,
and Michael Collins Piper

Speakers and Band/Performers list to follow shortly


  1. Tarrah Beth
    Ken Krawchuck
    Eli James
    Trevor Labonte
    Andrew Carrington Hitchcock
    John Friend
    Mark Koernke
    Nancy Koernke
    Don Boetcher
    Phil Berg
    Wayne. Madsen
    Jim Condit
    Nos-traficant confidant
    Pete Papahericles
    Dave Gahary
    Karen Kwiatowski
    Art Larson
    Paul Fromm
    Jim/Joe Rizoli
    Ernst Pierce
    Cyndi Steele
    Merlin Miller
    Don Wassal

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